Renaissance Messaging was born in the flow of Web Three-Point-Oh…an era of high user savvy and super intelligent technology.

A full-service, white-glove marketing firm, RM is an eclectic group of artists, innovators, writers, marketing strategists, branding specialists, designers, eccentrics, and organizers who combine their skills and interests to create unique, authentic, and results-driven messaging.

We are a pack of lone wolves who know how powerful it is to experience a personal renaissance and become more truthful, potent versions of ourselves. Our perspectives are diverse, wide-ranging, hope-fueled, outside-the-box, and driven by experience.


David Muntner

Chief Empowerment Officer

David Muntner is the visionary, leader, and founder of Renaissance Messaging. He fell into marketing because it is the one area of business that allows him to tap into his endless supply of curiosity.

He has written marketing messaging for over a hundred top leaders and influencers in fields from law to witchcraft to science to finance to cryptocurrency. In 2020, he established his vision by forming a collective of curiosity-driven, Renaissance thinkers to offer radically different and effective marketing strategies based on truth and authenticity.

David has been a sculptor, a writer, a personal trainer, and a marketer, and he currently enjoys writing and playing music on a wide range of instruments.

Cassandra Vitale

Chief Culture Officer

Cassandra Vitale is a multi-talented entrepreneur skilled in the art of social intelligence. She has owned multiple businesses and sold products of all types from $10 baked goods to $30,000 yoga studios.

She was a theater kid and soccer player growing up and brings both the performance and collaboration skills from those areas into her work at Renaissance Messaging. Once a lone star and sole proprietor in her own community, she now prefers to work on teams where she easily sees blind spots, fills gaps, and creates logistical harmony for all involved.

Sales is one of her many passions. She sees sales as a deep act of service and transformation. Being of service to others through sales aligns with her life mission of supporting people in reaching their highest potential, and ultimately raising the consciousness of humanity on planet Earth.

Cassandra is incredibly intuitive and an expert on multiple personality matrices, using her skills to facilitate a company culture that focuses on guiding people to work in their genius. She sees emotions and proclivities as strengths and leads the team in transforming both their lives and their clients’ businesses.

She is a bit of a shock rocker and loves to speak to the elephant in the room. Her leadership style is a cross between sweet nurturing mama and powerful wild goddess—she holds high integrity and models it the best way she knows how. Her favorite things are astrology, tarot, WWE wrestling, indie music and alternative rock, and her cat, Queso.

Shae Macnett

Operations Specialist

Shae MacNett is a polymath who’s turned an obsession with learning into a way of life.

Their educational background ranges from rhetoric & composition to kinesiology to Russian history to information sciences (and beyond). They’ve worked in fields as far-flung as academia and wellness, and interned with institutions as diverse as the Law Library of Congress and the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives.

Shae’s excitement to learn literally anything is grounded by their extensive experience in project management, a precise attention to detail, an eye for refining processes, and a commitment to productive communication.

When they’re not wandering the forests and shores of Oregon, they’re writing short stories, studying Korean, or doting on their 130ish houseplants.

Adam Smith

Project Visionary

Adam Smith is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and creative.

He has worked with a wide range of clients, from personal brands and content creators to multi-billion dollar investment firms. Over the past decade, his efforts have helped businesses and brands generate over $10 million in revenue.

Aside from creating and managing the marketing for Renaissance Messaging’s clients, he also has his own mindset and performance coaching practice, along with being a co-founder of an online men’s community called Masterful Man.

He believes that marketing, sales, and business should be an extension of the business owner and strives to help clients feel great while creating results in their business.

Tim Wolf

Tech Specialist

Tim Wolf (affectionately known as “Wolf”) is a man on a mission. He’s harnessed his entrepreneurial spirit and over 12 years of experience in the education, technology, and marketing sectors to create ImagineBoss, the Global Hope Summit, and Academy Incubator.

A visionary thinker with a passion for innovation, Tim is Renaissance Messaging’s resident tech specialist and created our design and development wing. He has helped clients build the right tech infrastructure including a product launch that garnered $14,000,000 in just 2 weeks. Through his ability to see challenges before they happen and make them a non-issue, he prides himself on making things work smoothly.

He’s also a speaker, investor, and advisor to small & medium-sized education tech companies & web design and development agencies with over 500K in annual revenues.

Matthew Lutz

Branding Strategist

Matthew Lütz is a half marketing alchemist, half award-winning comedy screenwriter, and half seasoned entrepreneur who cut his teeth as an “ad guy” at Wunderman Cato Johnson, Young & Rubicam, and J. Walter Thompson before launching his own boutique branding firm.

Over the past two decades, he’s produced hundreds of campaigns for MGM Grand, Ford, Visteon, Dupont, and Miller, helped a Fiber Arts Magazine 2.5x revenue in 6 months, marketed an Online Technical University through a $48 million ICO, helped sell over $50 million in Luxury Real Estate Developments for clients across the globe, directed multiple 6 and 7-figure online products launches, and sold his own media software company to Rakuten.

When he’s not branding 700 year old Irish Castles, European Football Clubs, or NYT best-selling authors, Lütz can be found enjoying a nip of Irish Whiskey (hint: a bottle of Dunville‘s PX 12 year old single malt makes a hell of a gift), collecting vintage Volkswagen print ads from the 50’s and 60’s (when advertising “had real avocados”, as Lütz so eloquently puts it), and hanging out with his much-taller and better looking wife and their three prodigy-adjacent children.

Marvin Balmaceda

Senior Developer

With almost four years of professional web development experience, Marvin Balmaceda is a passionate worker and one of the leaders of the technical team.

Soon after he graduated from college, he began his first coding work, where he learned HTML and converting, as well as using his spare time to learn new programming languages like C++ and Java. He is extremely dedicated to studying the development field and sharing this knowledge with the team.

He is an expert in both frontend and backend development, APIs, and InfusionSoft. He enjoys troubleshooting complex issues for clients and finding an effective solution.

In his free time, he likes to play basketball and spend time outdoors.

Brent Sparks

SEO Specialist

Brent Sparks has been a professional SEO and Internet marketing consultant for nearly a decade. His passion for all things digital began the day he was gifted an original Macintosh computer way back in 1989.

Brent has deep roots in the music industry, where he enjoyed a 30+ year career, blending sound design, video, and the then-emerging World Wide Web. In 2012, Brent was nominated for a Country Music Association award for Front of House Engineer of the Year while serving as the long-time sound engineer for Eric Church.

At this time, Brent wanted to expand on his self-taught computing and Internet-related skills by establishing his own consulting business. As fate would have it, he suddenly found himself in a mastermind group of some of the most sought-after SEO pros in the country, based right in the town where he lived, Franklin, Tennessee.

Brent is continuously learning, testing, and employing strategies that help businesses of all sizes leverage the Internet to grow and thrive. Page 1 of Google and other search engines is no stranger to Brent. He has worked diligently to become a seasoned veteran of the 200+ criteria that Google employs to rank a page in search results. As Renaissance Messaging’s head of SEO, you’re in good hands with Brent on your team.

Lucas Madrigal

Quality Control Specialist

Lucas Madrigal is the monk sage of Renaissance Messaging…but we typically call him the quality control specialist and lead copy editor.

Lucas is part computer, part educator, part archivist, and part techie. He loves to dabble in all types of subjects from history and composition to UX design and coding. Prior to Renaissance Messaging, Lucas has worked as a freelance copy editor and a college writing tutor where he has worked with hundreds if not thousands of students. He enjoys navigating a variety of writing genres and is quick to identify both the grand details and the small ones. He has worked as a copy editor for clients in a variety of fields from academic work and research to erotica fiction to web content for nonprofits.

Now, he works mostly on the backend of our processes to make sure we dot our i’s and cross our t’s in everything from our copy to the user experience of our client websites. He enjoys working with the entire process of marketing and seeing ideas come to fruition. Lucas is incredibly understanding of our client’s needs and wants and always aims to apply those to all aspects on his end.

Beyond Renaissance Messaging, Lucas is also an avid fan of cooking and finds comfort and peace in the kitchen. Outside of the kitchen and into the tech world, he also designs and builds high-end custom keyboards to match anyone’s taste and needs. He also enjoys building PCs and playing video games that tell deep and engaging stories. Lucas also dreams of living on the road in a converted bus or van as a digital nomad exploring the different states and national parks across the US.

Ajay Stephens


Ajay Stephens is a writer still finding his voice. In the meantime, he uses his skills to amplify the voices of others. He enjoys helping people craft their brands and stories.

Ajay has a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature and has spent the last seven years as a university writing tutor. Feeling ready for new challenges, he joined Renaissance Messaging. Ajay hopes to leverage his time at Renaissance Messaging to expand his skill set while helping others refine their messaging.

In his free time, Ajay likes to write articles on Medium, critique anime, and play with his dog, Bowser.

Abby Letner


Abby Letner is devoted to the art of storytelling. Whether it’s writing novels, having conversations, or creating messaging for clients…she believes stories are the ultimate truth-telling tool.

As an eclectic writer, she’s created everything from ghostwritten erotica to academic essays on military issues to sales pages, social media ads, and email campaigns. She began full time copywriting for a small, online craft magazine in 2019. Between 2020 and 2021, her email campaigns alone have generated over $750,000 in direct sales and contributed to catapulting membership from 8,000 to 30,000 members.

Abby is driven by curiosity, creativity, and her belief in the power of words to create action. Besides creating results-based messaging for clients, she also enjoys breadmaking, crochet, blackout poetry, reading, and motherhood.

Norm Jones


Norm Jones is a sales-results copywriter focused on developing email sequences, ad campaigns, and landing pages with an irresistible hook: the ONE big idea within the messaging.

He’s passionate about wowing clients with exponential results that force them to redefine what is possible with marketing. His unique brand of research, ideas, and copy is responsible for over $50,000,000 in revenue for his clients. The mix of surprise and awe on his clients’ faces is priceless and addicting.

He is a marketing PhD dropout, choosing to focus on pragmatic results for others rather than the path of academia. His greatest joy is his family—father of three adult sons (all Eagle Scouts) and happily married for 31 years. His primary hobby is hanging out and laughing with them.

Marjorie Wallwey


Marjorie Wallwey is a seasoned writer and editor with a deep understanding of human thinking, motivations, and behavior along with the ability to make complex and technical subjects both understandable and engaging for nontechnical audiences.

She takes particular pride in her ability to rapidly assimilate, synthesize, and distill information from and about a client’s business. These skills result in clients regularly exclaiming, “What you wrote sounds exactly like me/us and is exactly what I/we needed to say.” Her clients have ranged from a creator of handmade alcohol-infused ice creams to a global manufacturer of minimally-invasive veterinary surgical equipment, and from the partners of a philanthropy consulting firm to the owner of a dog-hiking adventure company.

If she’s not exploring Colorado or wandering happily though science museums with her family, you’ll find her devouring the latest books on consumer behavior, decision-making, and high-performance habits.

Stephanie Gardner

Social Media Strategist & Copywriter

Stephanie Gardner is a talented copywriter and social media marketing ninja. Though she got her bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, she has worked in marketing for over a decade now.

Stephanie prides herself in finding unique copy angles to expand a brand’s target audience. She has created content for brands ranging from local startups to multinational corporations including Kroger, Target, and Kraft. Stephanie has grown multiple social media accounts to follower counts between 10,000 and 60,000. One of the accounts she started from scratch generated $40,000 of income in less than 3 months. She is particularly passionate about the health and wellness space, but has social media clients in maritime, children’s toys, cryptocurrency, and everything in between.

When she’s not working, Stephanie enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, and spending time with her two daughters.

Jesse Baltes


Jesse Baltes is a copywriter, social media manager, and sometimes stylist, with a suspicious breadth of professional experience.

For a given client, Jesse may call upon his time as a nationally touring comedian, his exploits as an international adventure guide, his stint as a digital nomad managing social media for a dive shop in Bali, or his years as an experiential marketing event lead/emcee for brands like Sony, Red Bull and Tag Heuer. Whatever the project, Jesse’s varied experience gives him the unique ability to adapt to a brand voice, empathize with an avatar, and achieve campaign objectives.

For free, Jesse enjoys building Cafe Racers, SCUBA diving and kicking ass….but NOT taking names. For that he relies exclusively on Shae’s precise attention to detail.

Sarah Guelpa

Project Manager

Yogi, Mom, Project Manager…

Sarah was drawn to yoga over 15 years ago when she had two kids under the age of two. In need of some space and peace, she began practicing sporadically but in 2012 was injured during a martial arts class. Unable to participate, the sitting still was killing her, so she started a daily yoga practice which helped her recover and fueled her yogi passions. She is now a CYT500 and runs her own small yoga business in Southern California.

Sarah joined Renaissance Messaging in 2022 as a Project Manager to give the other side of her brain some exercise. As a former classroom teacher, and having raised two young adults, organization is not just a specialty, it’s a passion. Her Master’s Degree in Education and her years in the classroom have given Sarah a unique perspective on helping clients get the best results in a structured, efficient way.

When not practicing yoga, she finds joy in being a mom to two young adults, one pup, and three rescue kitties, as well as reading, baking, and watching her beloved Boston Celtics play.

Crystal Dawn Rios

Project Manager

Crystal Dawn Rios is a happy-go-lucky, free spirit, scuba divemaster.

She is a very grounded and organized project manager, yoga teacher, anatomy teacher, program manager, bookkeeper, Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer), and Hendricks Certified Big Leap Relationship Coach.

As owner and operator of her own yoga school for eight years and bodyworker for 18 years, Crystal Dawn brings Presence and Whole Body Listening to all that she does.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude, Crystal began her many careers as a teacher.

She loves creating clear direct requests with a “by when.” She runs her projects by making clear agreements steeped in integrity.

Jordan Zoilo

Senior Designer

Jordan Zoilo (who often goes by JZ) is a multimedia designer. He has a passion for beauty, whether simple or extravagant.

A combination of business goals, human necessity, and solid design is what gets him going and excited every day. Born in Cebu Philippines, JZ now lives in Bohol. Like all Cebuano people, Jordan loves to eat tuslob buwa (pigs brain)…And of course, is always saying “Way Sama Ka Lami Bai!” (super delicious bro!)

JZ is currently a senior designer here at Renaissance Messaging, focusing on illustration, branding, and web design. He loves what he does. Don’t hesitate to reach out to JZ if you’d like to chat about design, life, or just have a good ol’ fashioned conversation.

Beyond that, he also loves to paint and to ride his custom motorcycle. And JZ wants to remind you, don’t forget: “May the force be with you!”

Hazeem Fernandez


Hazeem Fernandez is a graphic designer with over three years of experience.

He has a strong eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful, impactful designs. Hazeem is a creative problem solver who is always looking for new challenges. He is a quick learner who uses his flexible design approach to adapt to any project. A team player with a strong work ethic, Hazeem is always looking for new avenues to improve his skills and push himself creatively.