Cassandra Vitale

Cassandra Vitale is a multi-talented entrepreneur skilled in the art of social intelligence. She has owned multiple businesses and sold products of all types from $10 baked goods to $30,000 yoga studios.

She was a theater kid and soccer player growing up and brings both the performance and collaboration skills from those areas into her work at Renaissance Messaging. Once a lone star and sole proprietor in her own community, she now prefers to work on teams where she easily sees blind spots, fills gaps, and creates logistical harmony for all involved.

Sales is one of her many passions. She sees sales as a deep act of service and transformation. Being of service to others through sales aligns with her life mission of supporting people in reaching their highest potential, and ultimately raising the consciousness of humanity on planet Earth.

Cassandra is incredibly intuitive and an expert on multiple personality matrices, using her skills to facilitate a company culture that focuses on guiding people to work in their genius. She sees emotions and proclivities as strengths and leads the team in transforming both their lives and their clients’ businesses.

She is a bit of a shock rocker and loves to speak to the elephant in the room. Her leadership style is a cross between sweet nurturing mama and powerful wild goddess—she holds high integrity and models it the best way she knows how. Her favorite things are astrology, tarot, WWE wrestling, indie music and alternative rock, and her cat, Queso.