Jordan Zoilo

Jordan Zoilo (who often goes by JZ) is a multimedia designer. He has a passion for beauty, whether simple or extravagant.

A combination of business goals, human necessity, and solid design is what gets him going and excited every day. Born in Cebu Philippines, JZ now lives in Bohol. Like all Cebuano people, Jordan loves to eat tuslob buwa (pigs brain)…And of course, is always saying “Way Sama Ka Lami Bai!” (super delicious bro!)

JZ is currently a senior designer here at Renaissance Messaging, focusing on illustration, branding, and web design. He loves what he does. Don’t hesitate to reach out to JZ if you’d like to chat about design, life, or just have a good ol’ fashioned conversation.

Beyond that, he also loves to paint and to ride his custom motorcycle. And JZ wants to remind you, don’t forget: “May the force be with you!”