Lucas Madrigal

Lucas Madrigal is the monk sage of Renaissance Messaging…but we typically call him the quality control specialist and lead copy editor.

Lucas is part computer, part educator, part archivist, and part techie. He loves to dabble in all types of subjects from history and composition to UX design and coding. Prior to Renaissance Messaging, Lucas has worked as a freelance copy editor and a college writing tutor where he has worked with hundreds if not thousands of students. He enjoys navigating a variety of writing genres and is quick to identify both the grand details and the small ones. He has worked as a copy editor for clients in a variety of fields from academic work and research to erotica fiction to web content for nonprofits.

Now, he works mostly on the backend of our processes to make sure we dot our i’s and cross our t’s in everything from our copy to the user experience of our client websites. He enjoys working with the entire process of marketing and seeing ideas come to fruition. Lucas is incredibly understanding of our client’s needs and wants and always aims to apply those to all aspects on his end.

Beyond Renaissance Messaging, Lucas is also an avid fan of cooking and finds comfort and peace in the kitchen. Outside of the kitchen and into the tech world, he also designs and builds high-end custom keyboards to match anyone’s taste and needs. He also enjoys building PCs and playing video games that tell deep and engaging stories. Lucas also dreams of living on the road in a converted bus or van as a digital nomad exploring the different states and national parks across the US.