Marjorie Wallwey

Marjorie Wallwey is a seasoned writer and editor with a deep understanding of human thinking, motivations, and behavior along with the ability to make complex and technical subjects both understandable and engaging for nontechnical audiences.

She takes particular pride in her ability to rapidly assimilate, synthesize, and distill information from and about a client’s business. These skills result in clients regularly exclaiming, “What you wrote sounds exactly like me/us and is exactly what I/we needed to say.” Her clients have ranged from a creator of handmade alcohol-infused ice creams to a global manufacturer of minimally-invasive veterinary surgical equipment, and from the partners of a philanthropy consulting firm to the owner of a dog-hiking adventure company.

If she’s not exploring Colorado or wandering happily though science museums with her family, you’ll find her devouring the latest books on consumer behavior, decision-making, and high-performance habits.